Foodie Friday Stockport x Blossoms T-Shirt Design
All These Nice People Issue 9 Front Cover
All These Nice People Poster
'Z' For Ride Your Pony No.3
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'Thank you.'
'Slide into Stockport'
The Good Life Window Display
Piccadilly Records Mural
Piccadilly Records Window Display
Night & Day Window Display
Night & Day Window Display
glitch 2.5
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A Safe Space
'Aleppo - Syria'

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A Safe Space

An insight into the feelings of anonymity and secrecy within female safe spaces. A toilet cubicle is an area which intends to offer complete privacy, and in the case of a female toilet, solidarity outside of the male gaze. I wanted to capitalise on these themes when working with the subject of toilet graffiti, as such an often dismissed area becomes an intimate space offering the opportunity to express thoughts, feelings and desires, anonymously.